Here’s one way to cheat Breath of the Wild’s shield-surfing challenge

The rules are just different on the mountain.

By Jeffrey MatulefPublished 17/04/2017

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild contains a lot of score-attack challenges and given the game’s open-ended design, people are finding endlessly creative ways to cheat the system.

Just look at YouTuber YukinoSan’s outside-the-box solution to acing the advanced shield-surfing challenge in a brisk, and allegedly world record-setting, 1:09.46.

To do this, YukinoSan created a flying craft by stacking two mine carts atop one another. By standing on the top one and moving the cart at the bottom with magnesis, you can make the jerry-rigged flying machine float above the surface.

In the second half of the video, around the 2:30 mark, YukinoSan shows us exactly how to build and move such a craft to the shield-surfing challenge across the map. This method may be seem like cheating, but concocting such a solution seems just as tasking as passing the course the normal way, so props to YukinoSan for figuring this out.

Thus far the world record playing according to the intended rules is 1:19.86 by Twitch user Selmie. So effectively this exploit can carve off a cool 10 seconds!

Now if only Breath of the Wild had proper in-game leaderboards so we could have a way to verify who’s really the best at these ludicrous challenges.

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