Genji arrives in Heroes of the Storm alongside the MOBA’s first Overwatch-themed map, Hanamura

The dragon becomes mini.

By Chris ThurstenPublished 17/04/2017

Close on the trail of Heroes of the Storm’s progression-overhauling 2.0 update, Overwatch’s enduringly popular cyborg ninja is the latest new hero to join the roster of Blizzard’s allstar MOBA.

Like Tracer, Zarya and Lucio, the spirit of Genji’s skillset has been preserved while adapting him for his isometric new life. His passive allows him to leap over walls, granting him supreme ambush and escape capability particularly when used alongside his long-range Swift Strike dash attack. As in Overwatch, eliminating an opponent resets the cooldown on Genji’s dash, making him difficult to pin down in a teamfight.

Genji’s Q ability stores three charges of Shuriken, Heroes of the Storm’s take on his Overwatch alt-fire. He throws three shurikens in a cone, and at close range all three can connect with a single target to do massive damage. Each charge of the ability only starts recharging when all of them are spent, encouraging you to deal three loads of burst damage in quick succession before leaping away to reset.

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